Deep Thought.

Deep Thought consist of Gary on guitar, lead vocals (and six miles of cables, twenty-six effects pedals, mouth organ, and one of those woo-eee, woo-ah, woo-eee, woo-ah coat-hanger contraptions made famous by the Beach Boys. Good Vibrations) Guy on bass guitar (although sometimes beside it or under it, but never in front of it or he'd realise just how flipping loud it was) some bloke called Noisy on guitar (Once believed to have answered to the name Dave, but he's either gone off it, or deaf) and Helen on drums (Who is the only one with proper, degree level, musical training. Meaning the best muso in the band is the drummer.).

Previously called Broadside - a nod to a rather nice beer and nothing at all to do with galleons getting close up and personal - the band of four middle-aged miscreants (as was then) decided to change the band name because:

  1. They discovered that there was already a band called Broadside in the known Universe.
  2. Certain friends and acquaintances liked to play silly games with band names and came up with the alternative Pork Sword.

So a new name was chosen, presumably with the aid of two darts and some pages torn out of the Oxford and English Dictionary. The new name was to be Deep Fault. There were no other bands called Deep Fault.

However, the band never used the name in anger because:

  1. It wasn't very good.
  2. Everyone who heard the bands new name thought they were called Deep Thought.
  3. Certain friends and acquaintances that liked playing silly games with band names came up with the alternative Deep Throat.

And so Deep Fault became Deep Thought which kind of made more sense. For those of you with a sense of irony the average age of the band members is not Forty-Two - but it isn't far off - neither do the words pan-dimensional mice, Zarniwoop, Frogstar A, Frogstar B, nor Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster feature in any of their lyrics... as of yet. Moreover, the members aren't particularly deep thinkers because there is already another band called Deep Thought in the known Universe.

So, if you are an alien and the songs of this Deep Thought are the first you should hear, we as a species would ask that you just give them a chance, smile politely and nod courteously - if that is anatomically possible - plug your ears or in some other way disrupt whatever passes for your auditory sensors if you must - and bare in mind that not all Earthmen make noises like they do.

If you're the type of alien that likes to judge other civilisations purely on the basis of their music and choose ultimately to destroy the planet that gave birth to Deep Thought, or any other band for that matter, their planet can be found at the fashionable eastern edge of the Milky Way galaxy and nowhere near where Douglas Adams said it was.

Thank you.

A. Drumstick.

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